Zardari Arrested On Charges of Alleged Money Laundering


ISLAMABAD – Former president of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on the account of corruption charges connected with a high-profile money laundering crime.

Very bitter fracases took place among the police, family and supporters of Asif Zardari right outside his residence as he was taken into custody. It happened on the eve of the budget 2019-2020. Rumours have it that the party tends to challenge IHC’s decision and aim towards seeking another bail from the Supreme Court. Three NAB teams arrived at Zardari’s residence. A senior PPP official confirmed his arrest.

Local media stated that the arrest was over an investigation into bank accounts. Zardari was apparently assisted by his sister, lawmaker Faryal Talpur, who is also now being investigated as well. She has not been taken into custody as yet.

They are now encountering allegations apropos operating fake accounts. These accounts were to channelize billions and billions of rupees as the investigators have reported. He had been remotely controlling the transactions and benefitting from them. This was the doing of Zardari’s associates for the purpose of laundering, rerouting and reinvesting his illegal gains. The accounts were in Summit Bank Limited.

Ofcourse, both are denying all charges being pressed against them. Rather, he has been blaming the government and calling them an instrument of powerful military and had conveniently stereotyped the Prime Minister Imran Khan the army’s “blue-eyed boy”.

On the day, the NAB team was all set to arrest former president with warrants and were awaiting his exit from court after the verdict had been announced but Mr. Zardari had been reported to leave early before the announcement of the verdict even though he wasn’t permitted to do so. The court had ordered him to await the judgement.

According to NAB’s reports, a company under Zardari and his sister’s ownership received a hefty amount of Rs.30 million of Rs.4.4 billion. These were deemed suspicious transactions through various fake accounts. So it just doesn’t add up.

A NAB prosecutor declared that there were 29 fake bank accounts. NAB is continuing it’s process to investigate. The matter was put forward at court and IHC refused permanent bail.

Famously known Mr. 10% and his supporters may try to blame this on political victimization and this will definitely create quite a vendetta between the political parties.

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