India Defeat – Was That You Karma?


As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. India Defeat against New Zealand brings this phrase to mind.

This is one of the famous phrases used frequently and we all have listened it since childhood.
This phrase has a deep meaning and it revolves around the Karma, the deeds a person does. Anything you do has an outcome, it comes back to you in one or the other way. You can not escape the consequences of your actions. If you do good work, results will be good. If you do bad things in your life, you are going to get bad returns.

Karma is real, its as real as the result of your action and What goes around comes around.

Probably, Newton was also enlightened by this phrase and he derived the third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” but in real life reactions maybe more.

We have recently witnessed the phrase turning true, with an example that how karma has struck the Indian team badly.

The men in green( Pakistani team) went from down and out to making inroads into the semis, which was cut-off by India’s nonchalant performance against England.

Pakistanis who were heart broken when the cricket team returned were quite keen on Karma, hoping out of hopes for a clichéd result.

Even the senior analysts and cricketers were aghast about the in form Indian team’s disappointing performance against the English team causing India defeat.
Nasir Hussain( Former England Batsman) was clearly stating that “what are they doing, either hit or give wicket , surprised to see this thing from india “

Even Ganguly(Former Indian Batsman) was angry on this type of attitude.

Cricket is a funny game you win some and you lose some but this time Mother Nature or (we can say it karma) wasn’t on India’s side for the semis. Firstly the one-day match took 48 hours to finish and that too not the result arch rival India was hoping for, regardless of the prolonged semi-final, India was thrashed by New Zealand (underdog Black Caps) who came into the match on the back of three straight defeats by Pakistan, Australia and England and only qualified for the semifinals on net run-rate, while India topped the 10-team group stage.
Due to India defeat, it was ousted from the tournament.

After seeing such performance Pakistanis took to twitter and expressed that its because India lost the match to keep Pakistan out of Semifinals.
In fact, social media folks are explaining how Indians are reaping what they had sown earlier.

This is not a new show off from the Indian side, they have always been sabotaging Pakistan cricket since the Sri Lankan team attack, which some observers attribute to their proxies as well. Pakistan has had to face international isolation and was practically the pariah of cricketing countries, ever since.

India kept Pakistani players out of Indian Premier League (IPL).

By trying to damage Pakistani cricketing standards, India was denied exposure to true talent to up their game before the world cup.

Indians funded Bangladesh and Afghanistan cricket not for a noble cause, but to encourage an anti-Pakistan cricket alliance. A trash team like Bangladesh, riddled with terror violence, refused to tour Pakistan. Same is the case with Afghanistan, just to please India.

Their chief patron India had it the worst, in the process of illegally removing Pakistan from the world cup by throwing the match, Dhoni and his cohorts only dug their own grave.

Due to all such dirt politics played by the Indian team, cricket has suffered, cricketing fans have suffered, and the stature of world cup cricket has suffered and this shows that Indian team shall never be remembered as the game’s Gentlemen.

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