Human Rights violation in Kashmir



Kashmir is paradise; a nature lover’s wonderland. Kashmir is known as land of heaven. The nature over there gives more peace of mind and the positive energy in oneself, it makes you feel fresh. Kashmir is the land of beauty.

India and Pakistan’s conflict over the mountainous region of Kashmir dates back to 1947 when both countries became independent from British colonial rule.
The entire subcontinent was partitioned into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan, which led to a mass displacement as people migrated from one country to the other.

Jammu and Kashmir was a former princely state where a large number of people were killed and others were driven away by the violence during the partition.
Since then, India and Pakistan have fought multiple wars over the region, both countries claim the region in full but control only parts of it.
Recently, India has deployed tens of thousands of troops across the Kashmir valley in anticipation of a backlash of the revoke.
Indian authorities banned public movements, shut down schools and colleges indefinitely and put two former chief ministers of J&K under house arrest.
The Pakistan government strongly condemned India for taking illegal steps in its decision to revoke special status for Kashmir.

This is for the first time the UNHRC has issued a report on the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir.

There has been documented evidence of committing a wide range of human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir, a disputed territory administered by India, are an ongoing issue. The allegations range from mass killings, forced disappearances, torture, blinding (by using pellets) rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.

No one in the world seems to be worried about it. No where else in the world, human life was deemed as worthless.


when innocents are unnecessarily harassed and are subjected to torture ,when there is total disregard to human value, human rights are violated and this is what is going on in Kashmir these days.There have been numerous incidents of human rights violations in Kashmir and the human rights violations taking place in Kashmir includes;

• Small children who have been fired upon with pellets many of them lost their sight, their dreams of seeing the world were destroyed.

• Law abiding Kashmiri Muslims are killed and their places of worship are burnt.
Many victims are burnt alive many houses and shops are gutted down.

• Innocent people are labelled terrorists and killed in cold blood their houses were burnt.

• Women of the community are killed mercilessly in public view while pleading for mercy.

•The daughters, sisters and mothers are under threat to their lives , are forced to sleep and please foreign and local militants .

• The government machinery conducts fake encounter of innocent citizens.

•The entire population of residents belonging to minority community(Kashmiri Sikhs Buddhist, christians and their families) are brutally massacred and their places of worship are broken and the holy religious books are burnt.

Indians think that Kashmir is an integral part of the India. That’s why they can do whatever they want to do and put all the nonsense on Pakistan. This is the reason why they have rejected the UN report.

It doesn’t matter if it’s India fault or Pakistan’s, the thing is this tug of war between the two countries has costed so many lives in kashmir.Imagine, every year at least 150 women are widowed children 5 months of age are orphaned.

The current situation is very sad and heartbreaking, there is an urgent need to address HumanRights violations and abuses and to deliver justice for all people, who have suffered a conflict that has claimed or ruined numerous lives for seven decades.


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