Hajra Khan – Girl in green; making us proud


Hajra Khan has done a huge service to the women of Pakistan by being brave and bold, and rising to the challenges of being a female sportsperson.

When it comes to women, our society always holds back. They want to be open and want to promote them and push them towards success but the various societal norms come into play and they have to hold back, even the ones who are genuine in their thoughts of making Women stand out as well.

Women, today, relish most of the perks in the society, are treated equal to men in all walks of life, are empowered.Ever since being empowered, women have been hoisting flags of success in skies of all colours, education, politics, society or sports. A decade or two ago, women were looked down when it came to sports and they are always thought off as a weaker vessel; but with these women in the foreground.

Most women want to strive for success and make it big but our society does not give them opportunities on the same level as men do but the matter is definitely better today than it was many years ago.

Currently, sport for women represents a fast growing changing element in our culture, and recent trends have sparked a need for knowledge about the female sport participation. Pakistani women sports players are making their mark and making sure the world sees it.So, the role and status of woman in sports is improving day by day, just like
Footballer Hajra Khan the captain of the Pakistani football team, she is the powerhouse and is setting examples for girls not only in Pakistan but around the world. She has managed to break all the stereotypes regarding women in sports and continues to make her nation proud.

Although the male football team of Pakistan has been unsuccessful in gathering attention, Hajra has been applauded as a rising athlete internationally, as she has played for Equal Playing Field, which is a non-profit organisation and works to promote sports development for girls and women all around the globe and to challenge gender inequality in sports.

Hajra also played in a match which involved about 51 nationalities and breaks new records every day for the talented female athletes, recently she has made a Guinness World Record. However this is not her first, collectively she has about three Guinness world records to her name.
She earlier made a world record for playing in a football match at the lowest altitude in the history of the game at the Dead Sea in Jordan.
And for her latest record, she took part in the world’s longest football match for straight 69 hours in the French city of Lyon where she managed to score four goals all on her own.

The inactivity for women footballers in Pakistan has been more about the lives of the players, where they have to fight for each and every opportunity they can get to even just play.
With this endeavour Hajra wants to make sure that even in the most difficult of situations there comes the breakthrough and one needs to continue with the passion, despite the odd from within and out.

Super proud of Hajra for her achievements!!!

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