GRANDPARENTS – A Blessing For Children



In this era, where we witness every possible facility, technology and ease around us, we are also losing our special relations like our grandparents.

However, Grandparents Day is celebrated around the world as a time for a variety of cultures to take time to respect and honour their elders.

It was first founded in the United States and recognised in 1978.

In Pakistan, most of the families have their grandparents living with them so we don’t actually need to have a day to celebrate this day but this is really important for all of us to understand and acknowledge the presence of grandparents in our lives.

We should treat them with love and respect because they are the vital part of our lives, it is a fact that a house is considered lively with the elders only.

For centuries, many cultures have honoured elders, and the family’s parents or grandparents was a position of great respect.

The role of grandparents possesses an important place in a nuclear family life. With the changing of society and hectic work load, the format of family also switches from one to another, but of course it is happening according to the requirement or demand of a situation. 

Family switches from extended to nuclear and again nuclear to Semi-extended family where only grandparents are invited or welcomed again to look after their grandchildren. 

Grandparents, especially grandmothers are considered to be the major providers of child care for children while they are in the phase of toddlers and their parents are in the phase of unbreakable workload. Not only this toddler phase, but in the school going period grandparents also play an important role and responsibility. 

Grandparents help in reducing stress to their sons or daughters by picking up or dropping their children (grandchildren) to the school, by taking care and spending time during any holidays or any vacations, by teaching and playing with them in any off time. 

Naturally, in this phase children notice and learn to adapt each and every little thing from their grandparents with whom they spend most, live most. From holding a tea spoon to a T.V remote or from mobile phone to micro phone, every technique they try to lift copying from their grandparents. The first five years are very crucial for any kind of development whether it is emotional or cognitive development.

Emotional development comes from an attachment. Physical exercise or any little activity must help in case of such development. The brain feels good as exercise and an attachment not only help in releasing school stress, or depression but make one jolly and jovial also. So, emotional connection and attachment play a crucial role in childhood but, in a nuclear family it is hard to fulfil  for the ever busy parents and it is undeniable that except grandparents no one can be the best substitute for this.

Grandparents become more aware of every severe to trivial problem of their grandchildren, rather than their parents. Spending a little time can’t help in growth and development.

There is another reason to honour them is that they hold the family history in their hearts. They are the roots that tie us to our past, they have the stories that ground us, the love that binds us, they will not be long to be with us.

They never live long enough to give us all their wisdom, stories, love, but we should be thankful to Allah for them, thank them for all they mean to us, and to our family.

Grandparents day is a very special day for all the kids because all kids are very special to their grandparents.

I believe our childhood memories are much more related to our grand parents caring and loving gestures.

Grandparents always love to play with their grandchildren irrespective of their physical weakness and ill-health.

Grandparents story telling session, before going to bed , will always be missed when we grow up and proceed to different directions to settle our life.

I feel privileged to thank all the world’s grand parents’ on behalf of all the grandchildren for making our childhood amazing, wonderful and memorable.

Thanks a lot to you dear grandparents for giving us the world’s best Mom and Dad for that we shall always be grateful .

May you always shower your blessings on all of us .We wish you have a good health and long life ahead!!!

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