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Qurbani Animals Tax – True or Just Another Rumour

Eid al-Adha or Barkra eid or the Festival of the Sacrifice, is just a month apart. It is one of the two most celebrated festivals in Islam. Muslims all over the world, celebrate this festival to commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim’s sacrifice of his son to follow God’s order and please him.

Many adults find Eid-ul-Azha tedious and boring with all the planning involved in searching for and buying animals for sacrifice and not to mention the haggling with sellers and later on, with qasais , taking care of the meat and distributing it and then cooking fresh kaleji, pulao and mutton karhai for the family daawat at night.
But when it comes to kids, Bakra Eid has got to be their favourite Eid! They LOVE taking care of the animals, often ending up looking and smelling like animals themselves!
And of course, a lot of tears are shed when their beloved animals are slaughtered.

There are many troublesome things that happens during this festival, one of the major issue is the skyrocketed rates of the sacrificial animals ,
which is expected to be increased by 50 to 80 per cent this year because there is no price control mechanism in our country and traders demand their own prices.

The other thing which has kept all of us in tension were the messages on social media , especially on WhatsApp, about tax on sacrificial animals .

Fortunately, the news came out to be a rumour and a government spokesman rejected the reports that buyers will have to pay qurbani animals tax on purchase of animals for Eidul-Azha 2019.
He said that no new taxes have been imposed and the problem is lack of awareness on the matter.
According to the fake news, FBR has mandated that all purchases of animals over Rs. 40,000 are to be done by cheque or banking channels and
Non-Filers purchasing animals over the value of Rs. 100,000 will be required to show proof of income, and subject to a 4% advance tax.
Buying of more than four animals will be subject to a withholding luxury tax of 2%.
FBR personnel will be deputed at the Mandis to ensure strict compliance.
Benami animals will be ceased and qurbani proceeds of said animals will be given to poor and needy.

FBR rejected all such messages and consider them as merely rumours and stated that the government did not impose Qurbani Animals tax.

I don’t know why people spread rumours, the examples of fake news is endless as the dissemination of misinformation and fake news is widespread over social media. The sheer vastness of the internet and social media users makes tracing the origin of fake news almost impossible.
Fake news has a far reaching effect in. It can grossly disturb the communal peace in the country if fake news is not regulated.

Government should take strict action against fake news and should act against the people who spread them for sure.

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