Monsoon has just arrived, the rain is pouring all around us. Sometimes, it is drizzling while sometimes it is raining hard. Rain is synonymous to Chai and Pakora, children’s laughter over a rain drenched football game or the long drive amidst comparatively greener landscape. But some common monsoon diseases are surfacing too.
With the Drizzling raindrops, snacks and plenty of fun, monsoon also brings plenty of diseases for us. Some of the diseases require proper medical attention, otherwise, they can turn fatal.

Following are a few types of diseases that can occur during the monsoon season:

Water-Borne Disease – The contamination of water with several pathogens leads to many bowel-related diseases namely, loose motion, diarrhoea, cholera.

Contaminated Food Related diseases – Due to the environment and hygienic factors, several diseases onset during monsoon, namely, stomach infections, vomiting, jaundice and so on.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases – Since breeding of mosquito uplifts during monsoon season, several diseases like dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, etc occur in large numbers.

Common Monsoon Disease – The season change of monsoon brings many other health conditions , such as common flu, fever, cold and cough.
But thankfully, most of them can be easily treated with mild medication and taking adequate rest.

Watch out for these diseases, in this muddy, rainy season.

It is commonly known as flu. It is caused by the Influenza virus, which is highly infectious. Common symptoms of influenza include fever, muscle pain, headache, and coughing. Influenza virus becomes very active during monsoon because of the varying temperature in short intervals. Hence the chances of getting influenza are high during the rainy season.

Malaria is one of the common monsoon diseases. Malaria is caused by the Anopheles mosquitoes. These female mosquitoes transfer the virus from the infected person to the healthy person. Malaria is the most common ailment during monsoon because the mosquitoes causing malaria breed in waterlogged areas.
Most prominent symptoms of malaria are shivers, Fever, weakness and muscle pain.

Typhoid is another common disease during monsoon. It is a waterborne bacterial disease.
It is caused due to consumption of contaminated food and water. Washing vegetables and fruits with contaminated water can also lead to typhoid.
Symptoms include high fever, lethargy, headache, body pain and many more like them.

Dengue is one of the deadliest monsoon diseases that is caused by mosquitoes. Generally, the number of mosquitoes increases rapidly during the rainy season because the rainwater causes many dormant eggs to hatch suddenly. There are no specific antibiotics to treat dengue fever. However, you can take medications to reduce the symptoms under a doctor’s supervision.

Through the year viral fevers are a common symptom, but during monsoons, they are the most common. Viral fevers last from 3-7 days, However, it is always good to consult your doctor before diagnosing anything.

This disease is commonly known as food poisoning.It is caused by bacteria and leads to vomiting and diarrhoea.
This disease is the most common one in the monsoon season.To prevent from this disease, one should avoid eating raw food like salads and stay away from street vendors and road side foods.

Monsoon usually brings a plethora of diseases that you can unknowingly encounter unless you actively prevent them. This season brings change in the climate after a hot summer which increases growth of various bacteria or viruses.You need to take a few precautions in order to stay away from diseases such as cold, fever, nausea, that occur due to climatic changes.

Below are the precautions which everyone should take in monsoon.

  1. Eat Healthy & Balance diet
  2. Drink purified or boiled water
  3. Use mosquito repellent
  4. Avoid street food or much spicy & oily food
  5. Wear dry & clean clothes
  6. Avoid getting wet in rain
  7. Wash your hands before eating
  8. Go for regular medical checkup

This season brings many health hazards but timely precaution can help you mitigate the risks of the same and enjoy the season.
Stay healthy and happy in the monsoon.

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